Monday, May 2, 2011

RSG Week 2 Summary

Fitness Goals:
  • Follow the BW Workouts of Rebel Strength Guide 3x Per week: Complete!  I even leveled up to level 2 for my squats and lunges! My push-ups have increased from starting numbers in the 40s to numbers in the 80s this past week!  I'm going to graduate from knee push-ups to "real" push-ups in week 4!  My planks have increased from 80 total seconds to 490 total seconds!  So I'll be looking to make those harder this week too.
  • Cardio HIIT "triathlon" 2x week: Completed! I figured out last week with 2 days of hard cardio between RSG days, my legs were dead. So I've opted to do 1 HARD day and 1 medium interval day. On my HARD day I made a increase in of my overall time from 37 minutes 49 seconds to 32 minutes 38 seconds.  That's a 14% IMPROVEMENT!!
  • 5 Chin-ups: This one isn't going to happen.  While I'm increasing the difficulty of my inverted body weight rows, my overall weight is just too much for my arms to handle. Right now I'm at the 45% angle that Steve recommended in the article for how to do a pull-up.  As soon as I can hit 8 reps for each set 2 days in a row, I'm moving to the next difficulty, Assisted Pull-Ups with a chair.  Although last time I tried those, I felt I was using my legs too much.  It'll take some playing.  I may do reps of assisted pull-ups and negative pull-ups together.

Life Goals:
  • Train for Project Management: I grabbed a book this week to read.  Oddly, my boss has 3 of us on the team reading for this now, so I have to really wonder what his objective is.  Kinda has me hanging in mid-air right now.

Eating Goals:
  • 95.24% Paleo.  I was really craving pizza this week so I said, if I do well with my numbers during my measurement taking, I can have pizza Sunday night.  And I did.  It was good, I ate too much, but I'm OK with that.

Overall Progress:
  • I'm down a total of 8.6 pounds and 17.5 inches since I started.

Overall: I give myself an A for the week!

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