Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Next "Chapter"

I've been thinking a lot about where I want to go now that I've finished the challenge for the Rebel Strength Guide (RSG) contest. I know I want to continue on the path I started by using the Rebel Strength Guide. How exactly do I want to continue? Could I continue doing the same thing that I have been? Sure. However, I like a challenge. I've decided that I'm going to switch to the "Dumbbell Division" workouts. These are split into 4 workouts ABCD. The guide outlines either doing them in a 4x a week program or a 3x a week program. I'm going to do the 4x a week program with my strength workouts being MTRF.

One thing I need to do to ensure I don't miss any workouts is consider getting myself a set of adjustable dumbbells. Briefly looking on craigslist, some people have them for sale for about $20-25. If I can get a basic set, I can always buy plates to add to it when I need them. This will give me the ability to do my workouts at home on the days I'm going to be home during the summer.

Will I continue doing cardio training? Yes, but not to the degree I was doing it for the challenge. I'm not going to hide it, I don't really enjoy cardio machines. I do love getting out and riding my bike when I can, or even walking and enjoying nature. So, yes, I am going to have a cardio goal. I'm going to have a goal to get in at least 2 hours of cardio a week. It can be a 2 hour bike ride, or split up as much as I'd like, doing whatever feels good at the time (dancing with Jonas, playing at the park or hiking the dunes).

The other thing I've been pondering... should I log my food? One of the things I've read about Paleo eating is that you shouldn't need to log what you eat or worry about calories. Can I give up enough control to do this for six weeks? Should I even attempt it? Or, since I am actively trying to lose about 50-60 pounds, should I continue to log my food while losing weight? I'm afraid that if I don't log, that if I'm not losing weight and I determine I must log again, it's going to be difficult to start to log my food again. Maybe instead of stopping for six weeks, I can stop for one week, eating on plan and seeing how it goes? This part of my goal is still up in the air. I'm not sure the way to go.

So, when is this "chapter" going to start? Monday. Yep, I am going to be working out on Memorial Day.

(Side Note: I'm trying a new program (Zoundry Raven) to do my blogging that is portable so I can compose on the train and then just push a button to publish when I want when I have internets again, let's see how it goes!)

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