Friday, May 6, 2011

Back to my Comforts

Yesterday was the first day I didn't meet my goal for working out. I did 1 mile on the elliptical, 3 on the bike and .25 on the treadmill and was just done. Emotionally, I was drained, I just couldn't continue. While getting down and working out did help some, I was focusing on emotional things, that I couldn't work through while on the treadmill. I came up and started writing, that is what finally helped me get through the emotional hurdle.

Cardio Stats:
1 Mile Elliptical 10:28
3 Miles Bike: 12:23
.25 Mile Treadmill: 3:30

Eating wise, I did well and stayed on plan. Nothing extraordinary.

Breakfast: Fried Eggs, Ham & Apple
Lunch: Big Ol Salad with chicken, pork, apple and almonds
PM Snack: Lots o Raw Veggies (tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, celery)
Dinner: Salad, Green Beans, Carrots, Roast Beef, Chicken & Melon for Dessert (Old Country Buffet Style)

On a side, non RSG related note... I realized yesterday, when I'm feeling lost with no direction I go back to my comforts, in the form of music. I put all of my worship music back on my phone and have been listening to it, letting the words wash over me and relax my mind.

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