Saturday, May 14, 2011

I have the munchies...

Friday was pretty good.  For the last couple of days I've been feeling very hungry.  Not sure what all is going on.  I think I need to switch things up a bit.  My mom just gave me about 40 cans of no salt added veggies. This should last me a while.  I think I'm gonna grill meat tomorrow and have that for lunches and dinners.  I also was given a couple dozen eggs.  Now I just need to get some bacon and I'm set!

Friday I finished up my Week 5 of the RSG workouts.  The Inverted rows are getting easier.  Although I still don't feel I can get over 8 reps. I've been having my legs bent.  I think I'm going to aim to keep them straight next week to make things a little more difficult. I did incline close hand push-ups from the bar that I was using for the inverted rows.  I did the squat/lunge combos for my leg portion.  Boy those get hard near the end!!  And finally, I finished up with some planks.  While I still haven't gotten the hand of putting one hand and the opposite foot in the air at the same time.  I did make them a little more difficult than regular planks by putting the foot in the air one set and the hand the other set. :)

BW Brigade Workout B:
BW Rows: 8, 8, 8, 8 = 32
Close Hand Push-ups: 12,12,12,12=48
Squat/Lunges: 15,15,15,17=62
Planks: 30,32,30,30=122

Breakfast: Omelet, Bacon & Strawberries
AM Snack: Blueberries
Lunch: Chicken & Mixed Steamed Veggies
PM Snack: Carrots, Beef Jerky... then a few hours later... almonds, dried plums (why is it dried plum sounds better than prune?)
Dinner: Indian Dinner Out... I had a mixed grill with shrimp, chicken & lamb... and some peppers and onions.

Today I spent some time shopping some garage sales for new clothes.  I found a bunch of pants.  Now I need shirts! :)  Foodwise, I've eaten sporadically. I had a quick scramble of eggs and sausage for breakfast.  A sugar free cookie from a garage sale.  No lunch... a carrot... then I went to a Tastefully Simple party and sampled all the dips.  I ordered some, with the intent to figure out how to make them more friendly for me to eat with veggies instead of beer bread.  Dinner was some "fajita salad" with steak & chicken for the protein choices.  Right now, I'm trying to stop myself from eating the sugar free jelly beans I got for Easter.

Tomorrow is my end of week 5 weigh in and measurements.  I'm not expecting a lot from the weigh in.  My weight has been steadily a bit higher than last week, not sure what's up with that.  We'll see how the measurements go.

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