Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 5 Summary

Week 5 Summary:

Exercise Goals:
Exercise goals went very well.  I completed all of my RSG BW workouts with zeal!  Even though I didn’t do a cardio triathlon on Thursday (mostly because I was at home), I did go for a 15 mile bike ride.  WIN! I also had my lowest times ever for the Cardio HIIT Triathlon on Tuesday!

Food Goals:
Eh, I had a big case of emotional munchies Saturday and Sunday. This reflects on my measurements this week.  Even though I munched on paleo friendly foods, I’m not happy with the emotional side of the munching.  I’ve been doing so well on forging past the emotional munching for the past 5 weeks, to let it take over was a sad thing.  I’m back on track today though, and I’m moving ahead, leaving the past behind

Life Goals:
Still going through the book I printed out and implementing project plans for some of the projects I have on my plate. Not where I wanted to be with this goal, but again, with changes happening at work, there are some things you can’t control.

Week 5 Results:

I actually gained weight over last week, but still managed to lose a half inch. I’m feeling good about that. The calculated Body Fat % Average went down too, which is good.

Looking ahead to week 6:

* I'm giving a go at not having fruit.
* I'm aiming to hit a set or two of 20 with my incline push-ups.
* I'm trying to do pistol squats better!
* I'm going to do negative chin-ups this week!
* I’m going to ROCK the last week of this challenge!

Week 5 Grade: A-

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