Friday, May 13, 2011

Bike Riding inna Mornin

It's time for that daily update!

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment so I took half a day off and worked the other half from home.  I couldn't ask for a more beautiful day!  After taking Jonas to school and a bit of breakfast I decided I could fit in a bike ride before my doctor's appointment for some cardio since I wasn't at work and couldn't get to the gym for the cardio HIIT triathlon. I ended up doing 15.25 miles in 1 hour 23 minutes!  I was flying high by the time I got home.  Being outside, enjoying nature while riding my bike gave me an awesome feeling.

Doctor's appointment went well.  I came home and decided it was just too pretty a day out, so I grabbed my laptop, some lunch and headed outside to work my half day. I'm a bit pink today to prove it! Then we had a laid back night.  Grilled, pulled some weeds, planted some flowers and just chilled. :)

Noms nommed:

Breakfast: Leftover veggie hash, bacon & eggs
Lunch: Huge Salad with Chicken & Almonds
Consumed at random times between Lunch and Dinner (Hungry!): Ham, Beef Jerky, Sugar Free Frozen Yogurt & Strawberries
Dinner: Grilled Spiced Rubbed Pork Chops & Carrots with small side salad
Dessert: A bit of dark chocolate

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