Thursday, May 12, 2011

Woot to me!

Right on!  I'm rocking this week so far!  What did I do yesterday, you ask? (Or really, my head asks)

My Push-ups, I did the first 2 sets at an incline.  Dunno about y'all but I feel like I'm going to fall when doing that, so the next two I did full push-ups! Chin-ups, I met my goal of sets of 8.  I did these where I was laying on the ground and grasping the Smith Machine Bar. Squats, I did normal squats. I still feel really odd doing pistol squats and my knees were sore from trying to do them funnily.

BW Brigade Workout A!
Push-Ups: 10,10,5,5 = 30
Chin-Ups: 8,8,8,8=32
Squats: 25,30,40,50=145
Side Planks: 60,50,50,40 = 200seconds

As a side WOOT!, while doing my last set at the gym, a couple of girls came up to me and told me there were impressed with my progress and dedication.  WOO!

Oh, and then I came home and cut the grass before I made dinner!

Speaking of dinner.  Yum!  I made a "hash" type dish with sweet potatoes, green pepper, onion and cabbage.  Tossed in some ground beef and topped with an egg!

Noms: (kinda on the light side, combo wasn't hungry and was busy!)
Breakfast: Smoothie (Coconut Milk, protein powder, walnut butter & berries)
AM Snack: Salad
Lunch: Salad with Steak from Cosi
Dinner: Above mentioned hash with egg and ground beef!

I feel great! :)

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