Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 4 Wrap-Up

Fitness Goals:

  • Follow the BW Workouts of Rebel Strength Guide 3x Per week: No problem! This past week I moved up my push-ups to incline push-ups. I also moved up my planks. For the side planks I had been putting my upper hand on the ground for support. This week, it stayed up on my side! For the normal planks I went to one-one planks. One hand on the ground, one leg on the ground. Oy my abs felt it too! I also continue with the assisted pistol squats for my squat exercise and squat-lunge for the lunge exercise. As for my chin-ups, I moved the bar as low as I could on the Smith Machine with me on the ground and am working toward reps of 8. Still unsure how I'm going to do the negative chin-ups, but by golly I hope to get them next week!
  • Cardio HIIT "triathlon" 2x week: Semi done. The 2nd cardio day I didn't finish the mile on the treadmill, even though I finished the distance on the other 2 machines. I felt crappy emotionally and just couldn't push myself anymore. In spite of that, the super high beat myself to the ground intensity day were all improvements over previous times! I'm most excited about the mile on the treadmill being down to 12:28 with me doing the highest sprint at 8.5! My goal for this week is to get it under 12:15!
  • 5 Chin-ups: As previously stated, this one isn't going to happen this challenge. Although my strength continues to improve with the body weight rows!

Life Goals:
  • Train for Project Management: Still doing my training.

Eating Goals:
98ish% Paleo. Yesterday was mother's day and I had 2 pieces of pumpernickel toast with breakfast and a taste of wheat noodles and fried rice at the hibachi steakhouse we went to for dinner.

Overall Progress:
I'm down a total of 12.2 pounds and 20 inches since I started! My uberly geekily calculated BF% is also down about 4%... Um, wow!

Overall: I give myself an A- for the week!

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