Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Smashed my Cardio Goal for the week!

I shocked myself yesterday with my Cardio HIIT Triathlon!  Not only did I meet my goals of improving my times, I blasted my goal for the exact times out of the water! My goal for the mile on the treadmill for this week was to get under 12:15.  Not only did I get under 12:15, I got under 12! 11:59 baby!  And that was with walks between my sprints! I also got my lowest times for the elliptical and bike as well!

Cardio HIIT Triathlon:
1 Mile Elliptical: 9:05
3 Miles Bike: 10:03
1 Mile Treadmill: 11:59

I was elated for the rest of the day!

Meals yesterday were a bit bigger than I had planned.  I forgot protein at home for lunch and ended up going to a buffet and grabbing a bit of each protein, after a late workout... so I was starving. Dinner was past 9pm and it was just a strange day overall.

Breakfast: Eggs over Sweet Italian Sausage & Green Beans
AM Snack: Apple, Cucumber & Almonds
Lunch: Chicken Breast prepared lots of ways, bit of roasted potato, green beans & strawberries
PM Snack: Polish Sausage, Ham & Cheese
Dinner: Asian Salad from McDonalds

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