Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday!

Wednesday was a BW Brigade Rebel Strength Day. Have I ever mentioned I love strength training? Cardio? Not so much. I level upped myself in a few of the movements!  BW Rows? I laid on the ground and put the bar an inch above my fingers on the Smith Machine and went at it!  Close Hand Push-ups, intermediate step of incline push-ups.  I used the bar at the same height as it was for the rows and did the push-ups from there.  Lunges, did the squat-lunge-squat-lunge combo again. Woot? And for the planks I did the 1 and 1 planks with alternating hand/foot in the air... Well, kinda, couldn't stay up there long... My balance ain't what it used to be!

BW Brigade Workout B Log:
BW Rows: 5,6,5,6 = 22
Close Hand Push-Ups: 10,12,10,11 = 43
Lunges: 12,12,11,10 = 45
Planks: R10,L11,R8,L8 = 37 seconds

Food, I was hungry. :) At one point in the afternoon I was like: Hungry! NOMNOMNOM! LOL!  I got over it though and ate very well.

Noms Consumed:
Breakfast: Left Over Veggie Has & Eggs w/ Bacon
AM Snack: Apple w/ Cinnamon & Almonds
Lunch: Beef Patty, Green Beans w/ Carrots & Peanut Butter (Odd, but I wanted to try it after reading something on hamburgers with peanut butter... thoughts, it's strange, but okay)
PM Snack: Beef Jerky, Apple, Almonds
Dinner: Spaghetti Squash, Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage Ragu

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