Monday, May 9, 2011

Whoops, forgot a Log!

Huh, just noticed I didn't post my daily for Friday, so here is a quicky...

BW Brigade Workout A:
Incline Push-Ups: 5,6,6,7 = 24
BW Rows: 5,5,5,6 = 21
Assisted Pistol Squats: 10,12,10,10 = 42 (plus additional 20 normal bw squats for last set)
Side Plank: R60s, L46s, R60s, L40s = 206s

Breakfast: Burrito Bowl from Qdoba with chicken
Lunch: Salad, Roasted Chicken & Green Beans
PM Snack: Apple & Almonds
Dinner: Coconut Almond Chicken with Broccoli

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