Friday, April 1, 2011

Walking in the Rain

Today is a rainy, gloomy sort of day. Did it stop me from walking over to Subway for lunch? Not one bit! Ok, so Subway was all of a 6 minute walk there and 6 minutes back... but it was a walk! It felt good to say I was going to walk to my lunch and not let a little bit of rain stop me from going. The weather is barely warming up, but it was nice to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

I'm working from home today, as per my normal Friday work schedule, so I don't have access to the work gym. This is one of the reasons I've pondered joining a local gym. However, I don't know how long I'll be lucky enough to work from home on Friday's, so I haven't.  I've been doing workouts at home or the local track instead.

Given my new found attitude of "No matter what, I just gotta do it." in regard to workouts, today's workout will be a video of some sort. I'm going to browse around what's available on On Demand - Exercise TV and find something new and exciting to do. I am waiting until Jonas gets home. One, because he loves to workout with me. Two, he could use the activity too! :)

I've recently been following NerdFitness (given that, well, I'm a nerd... and I'm trying to be more fit...) and he is releasing a new eBook on Monday called Rebel Strength Guide. With the release, he's holding a contest. Follow the guide for 6 weeks.  Take before and after pictures... submit your story! I like contests.  I like new challenges.  I really think this will help push me in a way that I've been looking for. The contest begins on April 11th, which gives me time to read up and get familiar with what I'll be doing for six weeks. 

I'm excited!

I shall blog about it on the way, so y'all can follow along with my progress! I'll post my starting picture, measurements and the like on April 11th.

In other, related news... The scale is moving in the right direction again!  No more of that going up that it has been doing! YAY!

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