Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pride? Perhaps just a little

Something that I realized recently is I've not been working out because I lost the enjoyment from working out. Then Jen of PriorFatGirl posted on Monday, "Fake it Till you Make it Mode". It was then that I realized, even if I don't enjoy it, I HAVE to do it.

I looked over at the sign posted at my desk, "Every Damn Day, Just Do It!" from Nike.  I resolved then and there, that I had to get over myself and do it.

For the past two days I have done it. Instead of getting into cardio hell (spending 30+ minutes on one cardio machine until I get bored), I've switched machines mid workout! 

Today my workout looked like this:
  • 1 mile on Elliptical (10:54)
  • 10K on Bike (25:02)
  • 1 mile on Treadmil (15:49)
  • 100 Push-up Challenge Workout - 81 push-ups done!
  • 25 Sit Ups during a rest between push-up sets
  • 10 Squats during a rest between push-up sets (without pain, even!)

HRM Calories Burned? 811!
Total workout time (with resting between some of the push-up sets)? 1 hour, 5 minutes!

I know that I can not get to my weight goal without working out. Oddly enough, working out suppresses my appetite. I feel less hungry on days I work out. This is a good thing!

I have the ability and the privilege to workout while at work. It's about time I start taking advantage of it again!


Anonymous said...

Great job! I really like the idea of breaking up the cardio.

Keep it up!

Sarah Kopf said...

I do this like a fiend!!! I switch machines every 10-15 minutes because I get so darned bored... I burn just as many calories AND I work different muscles. That's a win-win! :)

Good for you!