Thursday, April 7, 2011

I feel teh Awesome!

Can I just say, I feel Awesome!  Yes, with a capital A!

So I've been following my new plan for 4 days now. Two, kick ass body weight strength workouts. One, kick ass cardio workout (second is coming in 20 minutes). Four days of eating on goal! Four days of sleeping well (maybe because I'm kicking my own ass?)

I feel energized.  More than that, I am happy with what I'm doing and the results I will obtain!

As part of the challenge, I needed to come up with some goals.  Goals for working out.  Goals for eating and life goals for the next six weeks.

These are my goals:

Fitness: Following the Body Weight Workouts of the Rebel Strength Guide 3x per week

Fitness: Cardio HIIT "triathlon" 2x week, increasing time for each distance (1 mile elliptical, 3 mile bike, 1 mile treadmill - Currently at 11:32 min, 11:49 min, 14:28 min)

Life: Continue Training my way to a Project Manager role as well as completing the project for the data cube I'm building.

Life: Get enough sleep so that I don't feel the need to nap on the train. That way I can spend my time on the train reading!

Eating: Following the diet as outlined in the Slim Down Guide of the Rebel Strength Guide.

My Starting Numbers:

Weight: 289
BF %: 41.5 (according to bf scale)

Waist: 47.75
Hips: 57
Belly: 55.5
Chest: 42.25
Thigh: 26.5
Calf: 20.25
Bicep: 15.3
Neck: 14.8

Do I have a number goal in mind for the end of the six weeks? No. I had thought about saying, "Oh, I plan on losing X amount of weight." Then I thought about doing the same with inches.  I decided my goal is to do the program to the best of my ability and see where it takes me.

Happy Days are here!  Happy Days are ahead!  Keep Smiling and Keep Pressing On!

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Ann said...

I love your momentum and enthusiasm!!! Keep up the great work!!