Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Awesome Day

I had another rock awesome day today on my challenge.  Day 2 is in the books!

Let's take a look back over the day:
I finished my Cardio HIIT Triathlon! My legs felt like absolute jello!

Stats for distances:
1 mile treadmill 14:13
3 mile bike 10:46
1 mile elliptical 10:57

My first Cardio HIIT Triathlon? (1 mile elliptical 11:32, 3 mile bike 11:49, 1 mile treadmill 14:28)

Yee-haw! Them legs are movin faster! Go me!

Eating today is better, or rather I was actually hungry after my cardio workout! Breakfast was egg, zucchini, sausage scramble. Apple & Almonds for a pre-workout snack. Lunch was grilled chicken, green beans, salad w/ zucchini and a small apple. Snack was tuna salad with celery.  Dinner was an awesome Shepard's pie with ground turkey, veggies and topped with garlic mashed cauliflower!

My legs are no longer feeling like jello, now they just are sore.  But a very good, I worked hard type of sore! This type of muscle soreness makes me remember that I am on a very awesome path to a very awesome me.

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