Monday, April 18, 2011


Day 1 of Week 2 is coming to a close quickly... If I fall asleep typing this, sorry! :)

Highlights of today?  
I made homemade cultured cream butter ala Mark's Daily Apple
I also made homemade cinnamon pan roasted walnut butter!  Can I say, OMG delish? I'll have to post pictures of the walnut butter tomorrow.

So, speaking of...

Yummies Today:
Breakfast: 2 Fried Eggs, Ham, Cheese, Apple
AM Snack: 1 c. Coconut Milk, Chocolate Protein Powder
Lunch: Pulled Pork over Salad with hard boiled egg, roasted nuts and mushrooms.
PM Snack: Blackberries, Roasted Nuts & Carrots
Dinner: Sauteed Veggie Mix (Pepper, Onion, Zucchini), with pulled pork, eggs and bacon
After Dinner Snack: Apple with freshly made walnut butter! (YUM!)

Looks like that hunger issue I had the first couple of days is gone.  :)

RSG BW Brigade: Rank 1: Workout A
Push-Ups: 15,12,10,12 = 49 (6 more than last time!)
BW Rows: 5,5,4,4 = 18 (Same as last time, but I lowered the bar)
BW Squats: 30,35,45,50 = 160 (5 more.  I attempted Rank 2, but my quads are still hurting from last week)
Side Planks: L/30, R/40, L/40, R/40 = 150 second (7 less than last time?!)

My quads are worrying me.  While warming up, when I went into the lunge, I felt the same pulling pain I felt last week at the end of the week, same thing when I tried the pistol squat.  Not sure what's going on there?  I mean, I did 45 lunges that day, that's not highly outside my normal.  We'll see how they are on Weds.  If they're still sore, I'll do sets of 5 again.

Did I mention how tasty the walnut butter is? Mmmm. And what else is great?  There ain't anything in there but the little bit of cinnamon and little bit of coconut oil I used to help roast them in the pan and give a little flavor.

Hehe, true story... tonight I was caught saying, "First I'm going to cream my milk, then I'm gonna cream the nuts!" 

Homemade butters; regular butter or nut butter... so simple, so good for you, so DELICIOUS!

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Ann said...

That butter sounds amazing!!!