Monday, April 11, 2011

The Challenge Starts

My day one draws near a close and reflecting on the day, it was fairly good.

The workout was done around 11:30am. I decided to do the workout in the gym downstairs at work, because there is pull-up/chin-up equipment and I wanted to see, if I could actually jump up and at least hold myself up there for a few seconds. The answer? Nope! I tried doing something I saw in a video, where you keep your feet on the chair and try to use your arms to go up, but it felt like I could cheat too much by using my legs, so I dropped to the floor and did body weight rows instead.

Because I started the workouts last week, I just went ahead with where I was instead of starting over again...

BW Brigade - Workout B:
BW Rows - 5,7,10,10
Close Hand Push-ups (on knees, i'm working toward full push-ups, promise!) - 10,10,10,15
Lunges (each leg) - 10, 10, 10, 15
Plank - 48s, 50s, 68s, 63s
Bonus Move: Squat Thrusts, I did 5!

Eating today has been well. I had an egg, guac, zucchini scramble for breakfast. Apple & Peanut Butter for a snack before working out. Salad, grilled chicken and green beans for lunch. I didn't eat  an afternoon snack because I wasn't hungry.  Dinner was a burger with some taco meat mixture on top and some carrots. I'm going to have a snack a little later of some almonds, toasted up with some spices.

Tonight after dinner we walked over to the park, played some softball and then played on the playground!

Reflections on today? I'm trying not to stress that I'm very under my calorie goal because I'm simply not hungry. This is normal for me on days I workout. I'm not hungry on days I workout, but on rest days, I'm hungry. Does anyone else have this happen? I know it's the weekly average of calories is what matters, so I'm not stressing about one day being under.

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Ann said...

Great job - sounds like an awesome day!!