Monday, April 25, 2011

RSG Week 2 Summary

Exercise Goals:
Awesome!  I completed all of my strength training and my cardio Triathlons! FIVE days of workouts! From Monday to Friday I increased my push-ups and went up a rank in squats!  I also blasted my side planks up by 30 seconds! My regular planks by 70 seconds! My legs recovered and I went wild at lunges again.  Still can't do chin-ups but I can tell I'm getting stronger.  When I aim for a negative, I can tell I'm holding myself longer than the last time.

My cardio times over the prior week increased as well!  My elliptical mile increased by 50 seconds.  My three mile bike was slower, but not because I couldn't, but because I chose to go slower to continue letting my quads recover.  The greatest?  My mile on the treadmill increased by 1:03!! Astounding!

Food Goals:
Eating goals were right on.  Even on Easter, I allowed myself to have some Easter bread and a bit of candy, but everything else was spot on.  I was happy to spend the time with the family, but I'm right back on track this morning and feeling great about it.

This week I'm going to be recalculating the calories I'm eating to see if I'm getting enough for all of the workouts I'm doing.

Life Goals:
Due to changes at work, the project management thing will be taking a backseat to my getting the reports moved and getting information from the leaving data analyst about reports he's been doing. Training for project management will be mostly webinars and books at this point.  Certification may come later... seems I need some experience before certification!

Week 2 Results:

I lost another pound and 3.5 inches! That means, I'm gaining some muscle and losing some of the fat! Woot!  Am I worried about the 1 pound loss compared to prior week's 5?  Not at all. I know that fat is going away, my belly alone, I've lost 4 inches.  That is huge... If you go by the theory that 5 pounds of fat equals 1 inch, then that's 20 pounds of fat, gone.  Yeah, it's an estimate, but when you look at it from that light, the inches are more important.

Also, the averaged BF% went down another percent, so that's awesome.  This week I'm going to see if I can get into the gym to get tested by the trainer to see what her number is compared to mine.

Looking ahead to week 3:
  • I'm going to look at calories in to evaluate that I'm eating enough.
  • I'm aiming to hit sets of 20 with my push-ups (currently at 15).
  • I'm aiming for my assisted pistol squats to be more like full squats than half (it's a balance thing).
  • I'm hoping the negative chin-ups happen better this week!
  • If all goes well on next Sunday's measurements, I'm treating myself to some pizza for dinner that night!

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