Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today was a beautiful day outside, and a total, complete rest day.  I however, didn't sit on my arse and do nothing.  I went out, enjoyed the fresh air, watched an Easter Egg Hunt, bought some mulch and flower, then grilled dinner.  After dinner, we played a game called DICEcapades, which was awesome fun.  Then, I made the official batch of Easter Butter.  Yum!

Made a butterball!

Eating today, fairly good... although tonight for dinner, I just wasn't hungry.  My abs are sore from side planks yesterday, so as I was eating, I got uncomfortable and just didn't finish anything (but that is all good.)

Yummies Today:
Breakfast: Fried Eggs w/ Provolone, Apple & Kiwi
AM Snack: Couple pices of mango
Lunch: KFC Grilled Chicken Breast & Wing & Green Beans (Lunch on the run, had a 2 hour drive to pick up a computer for my sister!)
PM Snack: Pear, Hot Dog & Couple of Almonds
Dinner: 2 carrots, a bit of salad and 2 bites of grilled pork

I also had a soda today from KFC.  It was... alright?  It was alright, but I felt wierd not drinking the water I have been drinking lately.  I promptly fixed that when we stopped for a snack on the way back and had a ton of water when we got home. It's funny how two weeks without the stuff, I really don't even care for it much anymore.

Life Goals: Still trying to figure out how best to train for a PM role.  Should I go certification route and study that way, or just keep watching stuffs?  Gotta figure that one out soon!

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