Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sick Time

The company I work for has awesome benefits.  I get 9-11 holidays a year, 3 personal days, 2 floating holidays (of which can be taken any day of the year), 2 weeks vacation, 2 weeks sick time... On top of that, I get free gym membership and rock awesome medical coverage.

Anyway, tomorrow is payday and I was looking at my accruals... I have 153 hours of sick time accrued... that's almost 2 years worth of sick allowance....

It amazes me how little I get sick now that I'm eating healthier and exercising my body.  Does anyone else notice this as well?  Or, if I do get sick, it doesn't last very long (a couple days vs. my bf getting the same thing lasting for nearly a month??).

Too bad I can't take sick as vacation time and just have a long vaca this summer! :D

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