Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reboot Towards Health

Tomorrow starts my six week challenge in "The Greatest Contest in the History of the World". I'm very excited! I start tomorrow's workouts with a body weight workout. I'm going to do this at the gym at work instead of at home tomorrow, the only difficult portion will be the 2 minutes of jump rope.  I'll be jumping rope without a jump rope! Doing the workout at work though, gives me the ability to do something fun at home with the kiddo (bike ride, walk, playground, etc). If I get too busy at work and don't get a chance to do the workout, that's OK, I can do it at home without a problem! One of the goals I added for this challenge was to be able to do 5 chin-ups by the time the six weeks was done.  Currently, I'm doing body-weight rows to get my body strong enough to do these.  In a couple of weeks, I'm going to aim for negative chin-ups (jumping up and going down), then I'll try for the normal chin-ups toward week 5.

This weekend I got to see Stevie Nicks with guest Sheryl Crow and Rod Stewart in concert!  It was all kinds of awesome. We also spent most of the day today outside, enjoying the odd 80 degree April day! We went to the park, did some geocaching and then I grilled a ton of meaty goodness for the week. I have lunches ready for all week, just grab a serving of meat and some veggies and I'm golden!

Here's for a great week y'all!

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