Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 4 Check-in

No, I didn't drop off the face of the earth, I just kinda... went away for a while. I've needed to regroup myself.  The good news is I kept up with my strength training and ate... okay.  Not great, but just okay.

Week 4 Summary

Eating Goals:
Paleo 95% - I really only ate non-paleo one day.  I consider this a win.

Fruit 1x a day - This averaged out.  There were days I didn't have fruit and a day or two where I had 2 servings.

Dairy 2x a week - This is going better.  I got rid of the cheese in the house and am going to use Crooked's suggestion going forward that I have my cheese when I eat out, if I want it.

Exercise Goals:
RSG Dumbbell Division 4x a week: Done.  I'm making amazing gains in my strength exercises.  For deadlifts at least, I'm one set of dumbbells away from outlifting what the gym has.

2 hours of cardio: I got one good day of walking in and I cut the grass, that counts, right?  I didn't reach 2 hours though, I got 1.75 hours in.

Life Goals:
Basement: No work done.  This past weekend I couldn't gather the desire to do anything other than watch Grey's Anatomy online.

Explore new places: I did explore a couple new places on my walk this past week.  Walking along the river is new for me as was exploring the marina a bit.

Budget: Other than getting new shoes this past week, I've stuck to the budget I made.  Now, I need to work on decreasing some of the expenses so things aren't so tight.

Stats n Stuff:
I'm down 5.4 pounds in this past month, 9.75 inches and 4% body fat (according to my scale).  Whee :)


Carla said...

Hi Trisha, I hope your summer is going well. Congratulations on the 142 pounds lost. That is quite an accomplishment. Myself, I am just kind of muddling along, not real motivated lately, but I'll get there. Take care, I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Debbie said...

I'm a new reader. Carla at here's hoping recommended your blog. I love the way you summarize your week. You are doing very well.