Friday, June 10, 2011

Half Airplanes!

Interesting.  That is one word to describe today. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

My morning was pretty busy.  I actually got everything accomplished before 10:30 that I wanted to do all day.  So I decided, what better way to celebrate than to head down to the gym and get my workout on.

I've researched, and asked some questions of people on the thoughts of doing pull downs to help build strength since I can't really do negative pull-ups and I don't have bands to help me do assisted ones right.  (Thanks Spezzy & Vic) So I put those in place of my pull-ups of workout C. The last time I attempted them, I did 100lbs pretty ok, so I decided I was going to up it.  Mmm, yeah, I don't calculate the whole 10% well and aimed for 120.  Bent over rows, didn't quite know where to start so I guestimated. Push-ups, I was determined to do full push-ups.  The last couple of times my "full" push-ups were only going about halfway down.  I figured if I went all the way and came back up slowly, evenly, I'd be doing better than halfways.  So I did those.  For my side planks, I really paid attention to stacking my feet and put the top hand up in the air like I was half an airplane.

Workout C Stats:
Pull-downs 5x5: 2 @ 120, 3 @115
Push-Ups Max x3: 5 full, 15 knee for all 3 sets
Bent Over Rows 5x5: All 5 @ 40lb dumbbells
Side Planks Max x4: 45s for all 4 sets

Yeah so I do my workouts circuit style.  One set of each then rest.  After the 4th round, I laid on the gym floor.  It was great!

After reading all the awesomeness in the NerdFitness forum, I decided to look and see if there were any CrossFit places nearby.  I found one within 8 miles and talked to the owner via e-mail.  I decided today I'd go in when I got home from work to check everything out, see if it would be a fit, etc.

Let me tell you, I felt like I was going on a first date.  My stomach was all a-flutter, I was nervous as all get out!  I went in, the guy instantly made me feel at home.  He congratulated me for my weight loss to date and told me, "You do know that this won't be easy.  It'll be hard.  I'll expect you to bring it 100% every time you train.  But it will be rewarding, not only in what you gain physically, but what you gain on the inside."  I knew right then, I was sold.  (Even though today's WOD scared me... 100 air squats, 90 doubleunders (or 360 singles), 80 sit ups, 70 wall balls, 60 kb swings, 50 push-ups, 40 pull-ups, 30 burpees, 20 toes to bars, 10 handstand pushups).  We talked some more and he invited me to workout with them next week before officially signing up so he could evaluate me.

Anyways... onto the foods.  Good eat day!

Noms Nommed:
Breakfast - Western Omlette & Bacon
AM Snack - Almonds
Lunch - Double Steak Naked Burrito Bowl from QDoba with Guac
PM Snack - Apple
Dinner - Salmon, Bell Pepper, Onion & Egg Scramble Thingie

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