Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two Day Catch-up

Y'know, I had grand plans to get tons done this weekend. Granted it's only Saturday, but today I did not a whole lot. I actually napped, twice. Let's go through a 2 day update since I didn't do my Friday update, shall we?


Work is super slow on Fridays which is great, doubly when the gym is dead!  My workout was Workout C. This workout, every week has kicked my ass to a point I've laid on the floor of the gym before my cool down to catch my breath.  I did pull-downs for my pull-ups again... Good news here! I tried doing a flexed arm hang using my band on my home pull-up bar and I could hold myself there, where previously I just fell... big WIN! I did full push-ups again, better form than last time, great feeling! Side planks... I saved these until the end of my workout, not incorporating them into the circuit. Oddly enough, I hurt my foot right foot when on the right side enough that the second set on each side, I just couldn't hold.

RSG Dumbbell Workout C Stats:
Pull Downs 5x5: 135,130,125,120,115
Push-Ups Max x3: 7,6,6
Bent Over Rows 5x3: 45lbs
Side Planks Max x4: 60,60,30,30

Noms Nommed:
Breakfast: Eggs, Bacon & Cheese + Nutty Cookie
Lunch: Chicken Sausage mixed with Mixed Steamed Veggies + Nutty Cookies (I threw them away at this point; paleo or not, I didn't need them around)
Dinner: Salad, Bacon, Italian Beef


Today, I slept in, watched some movie and then decided I need to do something, so I hopped on my bike, took the long way to the Farmer's Market got some veggies, took the long way home and then fell asleep in the sun. Came inside to shower my stink off, turned the AC on and made lunch. Watched another movie, took another nap. Just finished watching Steve's google presentation and now I'm here. Dunno what I'm making for dinner yet. I'm thinking some green bean, carrot, chicken thing.

Biked: 41 minutes; 6.2 miles

Noms Nommed:
Breakfast: The usual - Bacon and Eggs with Cheese (I really should give up the cheese)
Lunch: Bacon Cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce, green onions and green beans
Snack: Roasted Almonds & Apple
Dinner: TBD

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