Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 3 Summary

Today is summary day.  Overall, how did the week go?  Emotionally. While I didn't sit down and emotionally eat something, I didn't eat 100% healthy and on plan either.  This is reflected in my measurements.  I'm not stressing about it though. 


The weight went back up.  It's been slowly creeping back on over the past couple of days.  I'm still at a loss for the challenge, so I'm cool with that.  Inches went down a little bit from last week, which tells me that some of the weight is muscle.  Of course, weight might be off too because I slept 2 hours last night. :/

Diet Goals:

  • 95% Paleo - I did eat 3 non-paleo meals this week, and a few pieces of candy late one night...
  • Diary 2x per week - Cheese is STILL a weakness.  Maybe I should find a home for the cheese that is left so I stop eating it.
  • Fruit 1x per day - I actually didn't have fruit every day this past week, mostly because I didn't have much in the house.
Fitness Goals:
  • RSG Dumbbell Workouts Rank 1 4x per week - I wasn't at work for the 4th workout and without heavy weights at home I did a kettlebell workout instead.
  • 2 Hours Cardio - Bike, Cardio with Kettlebell Workout and Yoga met this goal...
Life Goals:
  • Pulling Basement Tile - No movement on this.  I did look at it this past week and think "I gotta get this done!"  LOL!
  • Budgeting - I've got the budget set up on mint.com minus the tv which I think I'm going to cancel this week.
  • Explore 3 New places - Nothing explored this past week.  My lil one comes home on Sunday, hopefully we'll get to do some exploring together.


I'm not stressing about everything that happened over the past week.  I knew life was going to get difficult and I tried to prepare for it the best I could.  I am sad though that my weight crept up a bit.  This tells me that over the last 3 weeks of the challenge I'm just going to need to pay close attention to the food I take in, because I'm exercising plenty enough. :)

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