Thursday, June 9, 2011

Get Yer Ass Down!

On Monday I had done a leg workout and announced that I needed to lower my ass during my planks.  My ass now hates me. :)  But it's not due to the planks.  I did a rock awesome workout today!

In typical She-ra fashion I decided I'd up my weights on both the front squats and deadlifts today. Rawr! The front squats... yeah, around the 4th set I had a hard time lifting the dumbbells to my shoulders to do the squats.  I think I may have done some weird contortion thing to get them up there for the 5th set. Deadlifts?  Well I owned those too.  Then we finished up with some planks in which I paid close attention to my form and lowered my aforementioned ass down.

The Workout B Stats:

  • Front Squats 5x5: 40lbs dumbbells
  • Deadlifts 5x4: 60lbs dumbbells
  • Planks Max x3: 60s each

Food today?  Eh.  I'm not happy with what I ate.  I went over my calorie goal.  Not having prepared meals sucks.  I grabbed lunch out today and then had to grab dinner because I was driving for 2 hours to take my son to his dad.  I didn't have time to make anything between getting home and taking him. It was one day though, it ain't gonna screw up everything.

Noms Nommed:

  • Breakfast: Eggs & Bacon
  • AM Snack: Beef Jerky
  • Lunch: Beef Roti Salad
  • PM Snack: Protein Shake
  • Dinner: Sonic Bacon Cheeseburger without the bun, 1/3 order of tater tots
  • Post Dinner: Dark Chocolate Almonds, hot dog thingy from gas station w/o bun

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