Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Challenge - Week 1 Summary

Oddly, something I was thinking would be cool that I can't do... take one of those pictures of me in my biggest pair of jeans.  I actually threw them out.  I've been getting rid of clothes as they get too big.  Figuring if I have them, I might be OK going back to them someday... Let me tell you, I am NOT OK going back to them... ever.

Anyway, first week went pretty darn good :)

Diet Goals:
  • Eat Paleo save for 1 meal per week on Sundays: Check!
  • Diary -  2x per week: Eh, I ate a little more than this due to the amount of meals I ate out.
  • Fruit - one serving per day: Did good for this goal all but one day where I ate a bit more than one serving of watermelon.

Fitness Goals:
  • Dumbbell Division Workout of RSG 4x per week: DONE!
  • 2 hours cardio: Done!  170 minutes, 17.2 miles

Life Goals:
  • Tile in Basement: Carted out the boxes of stuff I pulled up Memorial Day weekend.
  • Budget: Added my additional checking account to mint.com and modified existing budget stuff.  Need to still clarify that in the coming weeks.
  • Explore 3 new places in Chicago: 1 down!  We went to Lincoln Park Zoo this past week.

  • 7.2 lbs lost (When I made my goals)
  • 4 lbs lost (Official first day weigh in)
  • 4.85 inches lost


Sarah said...

Okay, please don't laugh, but what is paleo? I am perplexed. :)Not like drunken-stupor-can't-figure-out-how-to-use-the-door-handle perplexed, but regular perplexed....

Sarah @ Thinfluenced

♥ Trisha ♥ said...

Sarah, paleo is also referred to cavemen eating lifestyle. Basically, you eat meat, healthy fats, fruits & veggies... very little is processed food. I get all of my carbs (including fiber) from plants/veggies/fruits.

The theory is that we are going back to eating like our ancestors did before the agricultural revolution (when they started processing wheat and such). There are lots of examples of how changing the eating has solved health issues (including obesity) in people.

That's just a brief overview.

Feel free to e-mail me and we can talk more bout it if you're interested. :) (trishybeany at gmail dot com)