Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Challenge #2 - Week 2 Summary

So this morning I did all of my measurements.  To say I'm excited and inspired by myself is an understatement.


I've lost 9.6 pounds since I created my goals for this challenge.  Yep, nearly 10 pounds in two weeks.  I'm amazed by that. I've also lost 6.75 inches in my overall measurements.

Diet Goals:
  • 95% Paleo - Met without issue.  Realized yesterday that I'm not craving carbs anymore.  AMAZING feeling.  I'm also not stress eating, also AMAZING.
  • Diary 2x per week - Cheese is a weakness.  I think I counted up six servings of cheese this past week…
  • Fruit 1x per day - Done!  This one I thought would be harder, but it's not too bad at all.

Fitness Goals:
  • RSG Dumbbell Workouts Rank 1 4x per week - I've continued to blow myself away with this.  Nearly every time I workout I'm increasing the amount of weight I'm lifting or my form on push-ups, etc.
  • 2 Hours Cardio - I biked 2 hours in one stint, that counts, right?  Heh, my total for the week was actually 2 hours 26 minutes… 23.79 miles, for biking.  I also did a walk this week coming in a total cardio time of: 3 hours 17 minutes, 26.45 miles.  Nice!

Life Goals:
  • Pulling Basement Tile - No movement on this.  I'm going to start the final stretch of removing the tiles tomorrow evening then talk my parents into buying me the paint I need so I can start that this weekend. :)
  • Budgeting - This is going to be in the process of being reworked.   I'll be looking at all of the budgeting stuff, cutting out amenities and reworking the budget over the next couple of weeks.
  • Explore 3 New places - I'm counting my walk to Buckingham Fountain as exploring a half a place.  While I've never really been there to enjoy the city from that angle, there isn't much to do at the fountain.  I want to explore places that let me spend more than a few minutes enjoying them.  SO I'm at 1.5 places explored.


Like I stated in the beginning, I'm excited and inspired by myself.  I realized yesterday that I've not been emotionally eating.  That is HUGE in my book. I'm excited for the next 4 weeks and to see what they bring.

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Sarah said...

Nice job, Trisha!

Sarah @ Thinfluenced