Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just 10 - Day 7

Day 6 was awesome.  It was a good 5 out of 5!  I had an awesome workout yesterday.  I moved to workout 5 of stage 1 of my plan.  That was 3 sets of 10 (save for the ab exercise which was 3 sets of 12). My legs cramped at one point during the workout.  I thought I'd be really sore today, but the only thing overly sore is my abs!  I was excited to see the definition in my arms yesterday. Yeah, there is still a lot of extra skin and some fat, but you can see the muscle definition! Now, to just pray the fat around the middle goes away with the extra muscle building!

I'm still fighting a bit of a cold, so today is full of hot tea and cold watery substances. I do plan on doing a cardio workout today.  I'm thinking about a good long bike ride. I'm wondering if I should do intervals or just ride at whatever pace feels good.  I think I'll aim for intervals, as I know it'll do better on the whole fat burning route.

I'm still in a soup mood today. I may head out and grab a bowl of soup somewhere to go with my BBQ Chicken pasta for lunch. I think it's the cold that has me wanting it.

D is making some Carolina Slow Cooked Pulled Pork for dinner tonight. That should be nice and delicious. I've got to ponder a good side vegetable to go with it.  Perhaps a salad and some peas!

The weight is on it's way back down, which is a great thing.  I was a bit worried about it after this weekend. I need to find a way to be more disciplined at home over the weekends. Taking out all the snack foods in the house isn't an option for me anymore, so I really need to practice discipline. I think the greatest tool for that is going to be actually logging my food on the weekends.

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