Friday, November 5, 2010

Just 10 - Day 2

Day 1 Final Results: 4 out 5

Why? I had candy. Not just any candy. I had a whole Baby Ruth candy bar, and a mini Almond Joy, and a mini Butter Finger. If I had just had the whole Baby Ruth, I would have considered the day a success, as I brought it with me to have after my workout. The plan was, if I worked out, I could have it. If I didn't... I couldn't.

I also managed to have dinner by 8:30pm and in bed by 10-10:30... so I was around my two hour limit.

What will Day 2 bring?

Working from home, although more relaxing, tends to be a little harder. I had a good, big, breakfast this morning. Lunch... I need to go to the post office to mail something. My plan is to take the box to the post office, then grab some Subway on the way home. A half sub and an apple are a good choice. Dinner will be ground turkey stroganoff, as requested by Jonas. With that, I'll make some veggies and possibly a dessert.

Other goals for today? Cutting out soda? Done. I'm drinking awesome coffee this morning and will make some sugar free kool-aid this afternoon as well as a glass or two of water.

The other bonus for working from home? Earlier dinner. Rule #2: Stop Eating at least 3 hours before bed should be a bonus easy today.

Move for 10 minutes? I can fit that in, and not just walking to pick up Jonas. When Jonas gets home, we'll do a quick workout to get some energy out and some blood pumping. He'll enjoy working out with me as well.

Weighed myself this morning. I was 2.5 pounds lighter than yesterday. Odd, considering the intake of sugar I had mid-afternoon. Anyway, that is awesome, I'll take it!

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