Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just 10 - Day 14

To say I was disappointed this morning when I jumped on the scale is a bit of a statement.  Was I upset about it?  Not really.  Generally the morning after my strength training I notice a gain. So how did the day rate? 4 out of 5.  Why?  My food portions were a bit off.  Not a whole lot, and mostly at dinner, but enough that I felt I didn't get to claim that point.

Today, I'm writing quite a bit later than normal.  My day thusfar?  Can be summed up with redeeming in the end. I had a rough day.  My sinuses were bugging me, I'm fighting a bit of a cold and just felt generally crappy.  A walk down and then up 2 flights of stairs made my head throb more, so I opted not to do my planned cardio. Eating wise, I did alright. I did have a small soda this morning in an attempt to get the drugs moving in my system. Tonight however, after getting home from a dinner out and a jaunt at Meijer for food drives and PJ drives, I decided a cardio video was in order.  I pulled out the Biggest Loser video I have and opted for the high-intensity cardio.  My legs burned.  I was pouring sweat.  And now?  I feel great. Even though today doesn't get a super high rating 3 out of 5, I feel good about the day. (Can we say huge omelet for supper with a side of pancakes?)

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