Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just 10 - Day 1

Today starts my journey on the Just 10 challenge. I started the day off weighing myself. I can say I'm not pleased with the number, but I do have the starting number and the 10 pound goal weight.

I plan on working out today at the gym. I'm pondering which cardio is my choice of poison. While I know that I do better on the elliptical, calorie burn wise, I'm still pondering the whole running thing. Do I want to be a runner? Do I just want better health?

Dinner tonight is going to be simple: pancakes, eggs and turkey bacon. Getting home at 7:15, this should take about 20 minutes to cook. With extra movement planned and laundry folding, that should give me a good 3 hours before bed to digest and stuff.

I think, for my 10 minute movement sessions after work, I'm going to do the Hacker's Diet Ladder program that I have on my phone. It will allow me to move with the family, in short sessions.

The fifth goal, portion control, I'm working on again. Breakfast was not that great (McDonalds burrito, with a side of apples instead of hashbrown). Lunch will be out as I haven't been doing well at preparing my meals. I am going to get the nutrition down though with a veggie heavy lunch. I brought good snacks and dinner will be portion controlled.

So far, my outlook is good and I know I will do well.

Since I'm doing a strength training program, I don't expect that I will lose the 10 pounds overly quickly. My current time goal is by 12/31.

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