Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just 10 - Day 6

Yesterday was a 4 out of 5.

  • Soda, I had about a quarter of a can on the way home from a quick visit from my mom. 
  • Eating before bed, I had a snack while playing a game with Dustin, about 2 hours before I fell asleep.  I had a very early dinner though, which is why I felt the need to snack.  It was a healthy snack!
  • Move for 10 minutes, I didn't do anything extra.  I walked at the store, but didn't do anything beyond that.  This is where I subtracted from more overall score.
  • Portion control, I measured everything out yesterday and did an overall good job on what I ate.
  • Weighing in, it's become second nature.  Go potty, get weight.  This weekend I need to take measurements.

Today I'm back at work. I was overly hungry this morning, but I'm also fighting a cold.  My head isn't overly stuffed, but I can feel my throat stinging. I have my strength training planned for today, so working out isn't an issue.  Today, I up my weights and lower my reps. Right now, I'm looking at doing 100+ lb squats with the squat rack.  It's a bit intimidating, but I know I can do it. Last week I did 90 lbs.  I may do just 100.  I may up it to 110.  Either way, it's going to be a great workout.

I'm trying to work my way through warm/hot tea today.  I can feel I need to drink it, but the warm/hot liquid isn't hitting the spot.  Perhaps I'll just give in and do cold liquids and see how that works for me.

Food wise, I have eaten a lot of fruit this morning.  I also made a very yummy oatmeal last night that consisted of steel cut oats, whole groats and quinoa... as well as some fruit and nuts. So I might feel like I'm eating a lot, but it's all good food, so I'm not worried about it.  Lunch is going to be a simple soup/salad type of thing.  Dinner tonight will be a shredded BBQ chicken type of meal. I'm unsure of the grain/veggie yet.  I've been wanting some peas, but it doesn't really flow with BBQ chicken.  Maybe I'll do the roasted potatoes tonight and green beans.

The biggest hurdle for me today, is dealing with the stress from work.  I think some tunes will help with that, well, tunes and the workout.

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