Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just 10 - Day 13

I've been staring at this screen for a while now while I'm doing my work wondering what I want to write, where I want to go.

Yesterday was a higher caloric day than planned, but I got out for a walk during my workday and a good walk in the evening with the boys. Because of everything I ate, I'm going to dock myself for that and call it a 4 out of 5 day.

I know the eating yesterday was attributed to not getting enough sleep the night before and being worn out as well as not wanting to be at work. I also had planned to make it a cardio day and once I had plans to workout at night, I canceled my plans for the day and just took a walk outside for some fresh air.

Today has been alright in the eating department.  I even went down and did my strength training program.  The issue I'm having today is I'm not feeling it. 

Last week I posted to the forum of the strength training program that I'm following about how I was pondering gloves because of my hands and the amount of weight I use for deadlifts. The basic answers I receieved after saying how I've been doing squats and deadlifts (both are supposed to be with an olympic barbell) I was told there was no way I was doing the squats right with the smith machine and there is no possible way to do deadlifts correctly with dumbbells.  That I need to quit my gym and join a new one. I told myself, it's not personal, they live this program and I'm doing it to gain muscle to help me with this last leg of my weight loss journey.  But today, I realized it has bothered me.  Do I want to support the program after the initial 8 weeks by continuing on?  Do I want to do something else? As I type this I think, "They are two bimbos who aren't the author, don't know my story and don't know how I'm actually doing with this program." 

I look at that, and where I've gone in the 6 weeks I've been doing this program. In just the two hardest exercises today I've gone from squats with 50 pounds to squats with 110 pounds.  I've gone from step-ups with 30 pounds to step-ups with 60 pounds.  I see definition in my arms.  I feel the strength in my legs and my core.

I'm doing doing nearly the amount of cardio I had been doing, which is probably attributing to the slow in weight loss. I plan on upping the cardio in the coming weeks by not only doing some cardio at the gym but also at home with the boys. I enjoy our walks together, even if they don't get me to the point of pouring out sweat. It's activity, together.  The sweat can get poured out at the gym.

So what are my goals for the rest of the year, in regard to exercising that is?

  • Continue with the strength training twice a week (continuing with the program I'm doing)
  • Do cardio at the gym twice a week (35 minute min - alternate run/walk, elliptical, bike)
  • Do cardio at home with the boys at least twice a week, but aim for three times a week (walking and/or running)
Now, I feel better and not as lost.

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