Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Days!

We've had just bit of snow here. Due to that, schools have been canceled, I've been working from home. This creates its own challenges. While at work I can limit what I eat by what I bring. If I want something else, I have to buy it. At home? I can eat whatever is in the house and I have to have a bigger willpower to not do that. I need to find a way to get that bigger willpower :)

Here are a couple of pictures from the snow fun from yesterday and today.

Jonas stands next to one of the drifts in front of the house.
Thanks to neighbors who came to the rescue with a snowblower, our driveway was cleared!
The dogs in their "snow-pen" in the backyard. They don't seem to like the snow too much.

Jonas and I made "snow-cream" Ice cream made with clean snow! It was tasty, just look at his face!
As a side note, shoveling waist high snow is an intense ab workout. Mine are killing me today!


Project180 said...

All that shoveling has to be a great workout. Bet clearing that much snow burns a boatload of calories yet somehow I'm guessing you would much rather be on the eliptical.

How's the breakfast challenge going?

♥ Trisha ♥ said...

Breakfast challenge is going good actually. This morning I got a bit creative and put a little pesto in my eggs instead of ketchup. :) I need to get some hot sauce, I think that would liven things up a bit. My biggest thing with the egg based breakfast is boredom. I love eggs, but eating the same thing every day can get old. I need to experiment more!

Project180 said...

I do the egg thing everyday (partly cause I like 'em). For me, I mix up what I put in them everyday. One day it might be chopped asparagus, the next spinach or mushrooms and swiss cheese, maybe sauteed onions and bell pepper. Hot sauce is great and reportedly increases your metabolism. I also keep a jar of salsa around and will occasional have a couple tablespoons with my eggs. I also like poached eggs on lentils...odd one, right? It's a dish I picked up in France, minus the cream suace. Good Luck and have fun!