Friday, February 25, 2011

And Now, Something Different - The Friday Five

I have a LiveJournal account, which I really don't use anymore. Something that I was introduced to there was the Friday Five.  Five random, themed together, questions that help people get to know a little bit more about you. I thought it would be something interesting to do today. (I'm not avoiding work, nope).  I follow two different sources for Friday Five lists, I think I'll manage to do them both today. :)

First, from TheFridayFive on Dreamwidth (also the LJ Community)

1. What is your favorite section of the newspaper?
I don't know that I have a favorite section of the newspaper. I honestly don't read much of it anymore, even though I do get it daily.  Seemingly, I read the front page and the sales flyers. Sometimes I read the Sunday comics. :)

2. Sunday comics or weekday strips? Which comic is your favorite?
Usually only the Sunday comics.  Garfield is always my favorite, however I do read all of them!

3. Do you read your daily horoscope? Do you believe in it?
My mom would always read our daily horoscopes to us in the mornings. I don't really read them anymore unless she happens to have them open when I drop of Jonas in the mornings. Do I believe in it? Sometimes. Sometimes when it's a good horoscope, predicting good things I tend to look for the good in the day. If it say something like, "beware of googly eyed monsters" I might be a little more on the lookout for something like that, and overlook other things. (FYI, I've never seen beware of the googly eyed monsters in a horoscope, but it would be interested, wouldn't it??)

4. Does the paper become bird cage lining, do you recycle or does it get thrown in the trash?
It gets recycled.  I have a paper bag it goes in, and then goes to Jonas' school into the community paper recycling bins.

5. Where do you read the paper? At home, at work or elsewhere?
I read it at home, usually on the couch. Sometimes on Sundays I'll read the flyers after Sunday Morning Breakfast with my family. (Side Note: Every Sunday my siblings, their significant others and kids meet at my parent's house for breakfast together.  It's deemed "Sunday Morning Breakfast")

The second list is brought to us by and seems to be themed upon upcoming Oscars (or some other award thingy going on this weekend)

1. Who in your life should win Best Director for his or her work in 2010?
I have to say my boss, Damon. He believed in not only my work, but believed in me and the personal goals I set forth (running the 5k, losing weight). We would talk often about my accomplishments and he'd listen when I was feeling less than happy with myself, offering suggestions as to how I could push to make myself better.

2. Who in your life should win Best Actor and Actress in Supporting Roles for their performances in 2010?
My parents. They are always supporting me in whatever it is I do. When I make a decision to do something, they will applaud me on the way, helping me reach my goal. They were there during my 5k, cheering me for the last mile. They were there when I decided to finish my degree and in the audience, cheering loudly when I walked across the stage to get the degree this year. They are always my support.

3. For what 2010 project, display or outfit will you win the Best Visual Effects award?
Hah! I have no clue. I suppose my color choice in redesigning this blog so that it would motivate me when I opened it could be deemed awesome. :) I also picked some pretty awesome colors to paint my new house... that comes in second though. :)

4. What terrific display of self-restraint or self-correction in 2010 earns you the Best Editor award?
Every time I passed on junk food and chose something healthy. Every time I told myself, no you DO want to go exercise. Every time I went out for my 5k101 training when I may have not wanted to. Each of those times adds up to my Best Editor award.

5. Of these Best Picture nominees, which title could best serve as the title of your 2010: 127 Hours, Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, The Kids are All Right, The King’s Speech, The Social Network, Toy Story 3, True Grit, or Winter’s Bone?
The Fighter. I had some rough times, fighting this battle to become healthier. Times where I fell down, but eventually, I got back up. I kept right on fighting the fight to become a healthier, happier Trisha.

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