Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 1 in Review and Looking ahead!

Yesterday in recap:

Calories in: 2,122
Calories burned with exercise: 191 (Dancing with Jonas!)

Yesterday it seems, I spent a lot of time in a grocery store! Lots of veggies and good foods were bought.  I'm excited to prepare some of them. It was an off exercise day. I had pondered doing a video when Jonas got home, but he decided we would play Just Dance and then do his upper body workout. He's trying to get stronger arms for his hand stands for dance class. He's using 2 pound dumbbells. I have him doing shoulder press, bicep curls, triceps extensions, shoulder raises, pushups, diamond pushups and shoulder push-ups (in down dog). That should about do it for strengthening those muscles. :)

Last Week's Goals in Review:

Eating/Food Goals: 10 out of 10.  Even with one night of binge eating, I did excellent with my goals, tracking everything, eating well and snacking well.

Workout Goals: 10 out of 10! I just got my e-mail from DailyMile where I track my runs/walks.  8.86 miles, 2 hours 24 minutes and 2568 calories burned!  On top of that? I did 2 strength training circuit workouts and some tae bo for a total of 3226 calories burned!

Other Goals: 10 out of 10!  I blogged every day, which helped me stay accountable to myself. I found new blogs to read and even started commenting some. I got myself a dress for a wedding coming up on 3/11!  Let me say, the ladies at Torrid made my day. I was feeling not so pretty, but they helped boost my esteem and helped me find the perfect dress.

Scale Victory?  Yes!  I lost 8.4 pounds this week from my initial weigh-in in my journal to this morning.
Non-Sale Victory?  Yep!  My clothes are fitting better again, and I feel good!

Looking ahead to this week:

We're starting week 2 of the couch to 5k training. I realized on Friday that even though I'm running with Jonas, I'm running slower than what I can.  I tried to increase the speed on Friday but it put Jonas in near asthma attack. This week, I'll be pacing for him, making sure he can make the runs. I'm pondering doing a 2nd 5k training by myself to work on speed. We'll see how that goes.

I've got 2 days of strength and one day of long cardio to throw in this week too. Due to the continued pain with my knee while doing strength last week, I'm looking for leg exercises that don't have me bending my knees as much. Leg raises with the exercise band were okay on Thursday, but I'm not sure they'll do the strengthening I need, so I'm going to continue playing with leg exercises.

Eating wise, I've got dinners planned, including "Breakfast for Dinner"!  One of my favorite meals. The guys at work are jealous that I make homemade waffles, so I'm making up a big batch to bring in some for everyone at work too.  I wonder if I should tell them I make them with whole wheat flour and applesauce to make them healthy? :)

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Ann said...

Trisha, great job!!! So proud of the week you've had!!!