Monday, February 21, 2011

New Beginnings

Firstly, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. Each one of your words went straight to my heart.

Friday, after work I told the boys we were going roller skating!  So much fun!  I forget how much fun (and how good of a workout) roller skating is!

Saturday, I decided that I needed some down time and some time with my son.  We headed out early and had some breakfast at his favorite omelet house. From there, we headed to Borders where I picked up a food & fitness journal, a new Hungry Girl cookbook and a Tae Bo (Hip Hop version) video. I then went and got my hair cut and highlighted!

Then we headed over to the Chicago Auto Show. Three hours of walking around looking at cars. It was a lot of fun. Ok, so it wasn't so much as down time as time with the family. :)

Sunday, after our normal Sunday Morning Breakfast at my parents with my siblings and their significant others, Jonas and I went to see Gnomeo and Juliet (super cute movie!). We went grocery shopping after the movie. I got a juicer and a lot of veggies.  The evening was spent juicing and tasting. Best investment!

Today, I started my new journal and also started tracking again at MyFitnessPal (mostly because it's easier to look up calories there).

The goals I wrote in my journal:

  • Calories between 2000 and 2100
  • Plan healthy dinners!
  • Bring healthy snacks to work so I don't get overwhelmed and want to eat anything I can grab.
  • C25k 3 times a week with family (I have the plans plastered to our dining room wall for the 3 of us!)
  • Strength Training 2 times a week @ work gym (whole body, building strength back up in knee and allover toning)
  • Cardio once a week @ work gym (45 minutes on bike or elliptical)
  • Videos at home, as deemed fun (Jonas and I like doing them together!)
  • Blog Mondays-Fridays to keep myself accountable (means I have to think up topics)
  • Read blogs, articles, and/or books to get inspiration from others.  Comment!  Don't be afraid to share my opinion.
  • Once a week, do something for me that doesn't involve food or working out.
I'm going to print these up and have a copy at my desk at work, in my journal and on the wall at home so that I can constantly see them and be inspired by myself.

Thusfar today, I'm at 1036 calories and 36 minutes worth of strength training!

I know I can succeed!


Ann said...

That sounds like a great plan!!!

Project180 said...

That's great news and looks like you've got a solid plan laid out. I look forward to following your progress and reading whatever you might decided to write about.