Monday, February 14, 2011


So, what happens when you're an emotional eater, stressed and someone has Girl Scout cookie order forms in the kitchen at work? You order them.

And when things are right, you're eating good, exercising... and suddenly, they are delivered?  You're faced with this:

Now, I just need to figure out what to do with these. For the most of them, 2 cookies is 120 calories. Not a great use of my calories.  However, treats every now and then are OK, so do I keep them?  Do I find someone to give them to?

Right now, they're up on the shelf above my desk, as best out of sight as I could put them.

Now that I wrote about my dilemma, I can forget about them... right?


Ann said...

Freeze them in baggies of 2. Then you can only eat 2 at a time. Give away the rest!! otherwise they wil end up on your hips!! "waste it or waist it!!"

Project180 said...

I am all for the give 'em away vote but that's just me. If I had my why, we would clear out everything bad here so as to remove all temptations.

On the bright side...You can feel good about supporting the Girl Scouts.