Friday, February 25, 2011


Yesterday in recap:

Calories in: Unknown (ie. too many)
Calories burned with exercise: None - Rest Day

Looking back at yesterday I feel sad. I feel sad that I got home from work, wasn't feeling 100% and ate while I was making dinner. I had approximately 700 calories before I ate dinner.  Dinner itself was a mush of veggies and ground turkey, so it took neither overly long to make nor was it a calorie laden dinner. I did eat some of that too.

With that, and how badly I was feeling about myself afterwords, I went to bed and woke up refreshed, saying, "It was one day. It doesn't have to ruin everything." I made myself a healthy breakfast and some coffee and curled up on the couch to start reading work e-mails and getting started with my day.

Plan today is to do the last workout of week 1 on the couch to 5k program after getting Jonas from school. While dinner tonight will be out, I feel confident that I can make good choices and stay within my plan.

I'm proud of myself, for stopping and recognizing that I didn't ruin everything last night, I just took a slight step back. Today, I'm right back where I should be, moving right ahead.

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