Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Various Eating Programs

Yesterday in recap:
Calories in: 2,086
Calories burned with exercise: 450

Cardio Tae Bo Funk workout! This was so much fun! I wish I could find a picture of the pants Billy Blanks wore in this video. They sent me back a couple decades! It was funny, I entered the time of the video into MyFitnessPal and it estimated 46 minutes at 1000 calories burned!  I just had to wear my HRM for that to see the difference.  HRM clocked me at 450!  That's just a bit of a difference!

Jonas made dinner last night.  His choice was Bow-Tie pasta with chicken and homemade healthy pesto and a side salad.  Overall, dinner came in at 530 calories.  Not bad for a pasta dish!

Yesterday, someone I knew posted about this "slow carb" diet he was trying out. I have very strong opinions on restrictive diets, partly because I know how I do on them, but also because I've done research and seen statistics on them. I think restricting anything in your life, will only make you want it more. Case in point, I had gestational diabetes when pregnant with Jonas. I was told I shouldn't eat pizza because it would not do nice things to my blood sugar. Needless to say, them saying I shouldn't eat it made me want it more. Does this happen to everyone?  No, if it did, then people wouldn't be successful on these diets.

What is my personal plan?  A lifestyle change based upon my basal metabolic rate (BMR), counting my calories in, measuring the amount I exercise and knowing that I'm in it for the long haul.  That I want this change to be permanent, not that I want to cycle back and forth on this journey. I've been fairly successful doing this, so for me, it works. It's easy to stick to. Yes, it's work counting calories and such, but it's worth it. If I want pizza, I can choose to make it healthy, or not so healthy, just as long as I count the calories in my allotment for the day.

Today, I've already had my strength training.  We're doing day 2 of Couch 2 5k tonight. Dinner? Nothing planned due to schedules. Pondering making eggs and pancakes. :)


Dustin Emhart said...

Hang on, I just noticed something. Yesterday was bow-tie pasta for dinner and Tae Bo for the workout.

WhyNOTme2011 (b) said...

Keep up the great work! Finding something that works for YOU is the key. I'm not losing quite as fast as I want, but also know my "planned cheat day" keeps those feelings of never getting to eat my favorites again, away.

I started out allowing myself the whole day once a week, but now have backed down to one main meal and dessert or snack. I know I can have more, but seems to be enough for now to keep me going the rest of the week!

♥ Trisha ♥ said...

Thanks! I know people who the cheat days really work for. I also know that for me, they don't. I would just eat too much. I can lose control.

I do like the idea of doing one meal rather than the entire day. Which is kinda what I do by allowing us to eat dinner out once a week. I'm addicted to pizza. :) That helps with that craving!