Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - Looking Forward

So I recently joined Me You Health's daily challenge and the challenge on the 30th was to make and share a resolution.  This is what I wrote:

This year, I was thinking I would make a goal for 2011, not a resolution. The difference is that a goal, for me, is attainable, a resolution is just something that people say and how many don't do them? I've never been someone who does New Years Resolutions.

What is my goal for 2011? I'm going to make 2011 a running year. In March I will be running a 10k. In June a half marathon. The fall will be a couple of 5Ks for fun with the family.

What does running give me? A sense of accomplishment. When I trained for my 5k last year, I felt so accomplished with each day that I crossed off my calendar. It was the mot excellent feeling, to accomplish my run for that day. I have my training schedule set (and started) for my 10k. I'm excited every day that I get to do this.

I have another goal for 2011 that I want to share. I want to help motivate my friends to live healthier lives. I have my own issues with eating healthy at times, but knowing that I motivate others to move and eat healthy helps motivate me to stay on my path to meet my goals.


As part of the last goal; motivating others, I want to write more.  Write of my struggles and my successes. Share what I go through. I figure today is as good of a day as any to start.

Today's running schedule is to walk or walk/run for 30 minutes. All this week I did walk/runs on the treadmill at work. To better prepare for my workout today I'm updating my playlists on my phone, getting more "hoppy" music as I like to call it. I'm excited about the new playlist and trying out my underlayers that I got for Christmas.

We're celebrating New Years and "Jonas' Christmas" with family today.  Jonas will be able to open presents he missed on Christmas morning by being at his dad's house. Mom is bringing the bean soup for good luck in the new year. It'll be a great evening of family centered time that I am looking forward to.

One other goal that I want to aim for is drinking more water. I don't drink nearly enough water.  I know I need to hydrate to keep my runs doing well. My aim is for 64 oz of liquid a day. I drink mainly tea, crystal light and water. If I do have soda, it won't count toward my goal.

I know I can do this. :)


C.Fred said...

Water… That's one of the goals I'm setting for myself as well. Same thing: 64 oz. of water, Crystal Light, s/f Kool-Aid, or Gatorade; soda, tea, and coffee don't count.

I had downloaded a free app to track water intake, but I purged it. I may have to regrab it and give it another go.

Ann said...

Congrats on the goal - you can totally do it! Yay for the 1/2 marathon this year. I'm doing one, too! We can root eachother on!! :)