Friday, January 21, 2011

Renewed Sense of Energy

Thinking about the limitations of what I can and cannot do, I decided last night to see if I could find a decent training plan using the elliptical machine. One of the results that popped up? Navy PRT Training using the Elliptical! I'm familiar with the Navy PRT Training plans as I have a cousin in the Navy and he pointed me to them for running. The elliptical plan is something new that they've just implemented. The PRT test is a 12 minute test and your calories burned are then turned into your score. The goal is to burn as many calories as you can in 12 minutes. What?  Wait... I get to be tested on how many calories I burn?  Well, I want to burn calories!  This is a good thing!

So, I'm taking the Navy's Elliptical PRT Training Plan and using it for my own personal goal! I'm going to do the six weeks of training and then the following week do a 12 minute test and see how many calories I can burn. I'll record that number and then do another six weeks of training and do another 12 minute test to see how I improved! The only difference in the schedule is my days.  I'll be doing MTR for elliptical and WF for strength. The reason simply is: I work from home on Fridays. I don't have an elliptical at home, as my gym is at work (and 45 minutes away), so it makes more sense to do resistance band strength from home on Fridays and do my 3 days of elliptical while at the office.

I am so excited about this! I'm almost bouncing while writing this up!

I also found a resistance band workout that I think will work for strength training purposes. I'm going to try it and see how my body feels while doing it. If it's not cutting it, I'll try something else. I know with the strength exercises I need to be careful for both my knee and shoulder purposes, but for the same reasons, I need to strengthen those muscles too. Anyone know of any good exercises out there for these things? I do have a Pilates resistance band workout. That may work too!

I look forward to Monday when I get to start this new routine!

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Ann said...

Wow! I will be excited to see how many calories you can burn in 12 minutes. That's AWESOME about the training program - as long as it works for you, that sounds great!