Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wintertime run?

Yesterday at work was crazy busy.  Between leading a new training series and meetings I didn't have time to fit my run in during work.  So Laura and I vowed to run after work.

I got home, cooked a quick supper for the boys then donned my new sneakers

And my new underlayers... then put on my overlayers, headphones and headed out for a run!

I did have trouble breathing a few times, but I managed to get equal parts of running and walking in.  I ended at 2 miles with a cool-down and felt proud of myself. I even snapped a photo before heading inside!

I continued having problems breathing throughout the evening. Jonas even asked me at one point if I wanted his inhaler. I passed, figured I could get through it.  And I did.  I fell asleep before 10.

Today is another 2 miles, however it's at the gym on a treadmill. Today's goal is to finish the 2 miles in 28 minutes and do a 5 minute cool-down.

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Ann said...

Great job! keep up the awesome work!!