Thursday, January 6, 2011

Food Journaling

My friend Laura over at is doing a series of posts on accountability currently, or she made the first of a series of posts. :)

Something in her recent post sparked something within me. Over the past six months I've become lax in recording what I eat. I religiously recorded it for 18 months, ounce for ounce. Yet recently, with life changes, came a change not only in my eating patterns but in recording everything I ate. Sure I have the tools, sure they are easy to use.  Its not them, it's me. :) I need to start recording what I eat again.  Becoming accountable to myself for everything I put in my body, not just what I exercise out.

While weighing and measuring food is the way I should be doing things, right now, its not realistic. My goal right now is to do my running training and just eat healthy options. However, I do want to start recording approximations of what I eat. What is the best option for me?  Pictures of my plates before I eat? Writing down in a journal what I'm eating? Finding an app for my phone that will let me just record food descriptions and not amounts? I'm tempted by the paper journal.  Carrying it around with me.  When it's not with me, taking pictures for later recording.  But somehow, that seems like it would become cumbersome really quickly. I think the ultimate option for me is to see if I can find an application for my phone.  I found one thats seem interesting.  One is called dietSNAPs which allows you to take pictures of your food, the time, etc.  This looks promising. I think I'll try it for a while and see what happens with it. 

While searching, I found another app that looks interesting called Track & Share.  It tracks things like mood, food, water, sleep and graphs it.  Being a geek, I'm a sucker or graphs.  I might just play with it for a while and see whats what.

Here's to tracking my food with pictures!

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Ann said...

great job for finding something that is going to work for you!!