Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mixed Feelings about Doctor Appointment

So today was my follow-up with the orthopedic doctor. Her thoughts before I went for X-ray were an injury to my knee and bursitis or something similar to my shoulder. After the X-rays? I think that the feelings were mixed.

First, my knee. There is some deformity around my kneecap, but it's not broken and the joint looks good. She isn't a radiologist, so she's going to wait for their report before making the diagnosis. In the meantime. No impact activity for at least 3 weeks. I have to wear a brace during the day and ice my knee at least three times per day. I can do non-impact cardio and she said I should continue strength training at light weights. If the X-ray is inconclusive she will send for an MRI. And I thought it was nothing... I think this proves otherwise.

My shoulder. It's been bugging me, especially when I reach behind me to hook my bra together. (TMI?  Deal! :) ) Its been going on for a couple months.  Over the past month it's gotten worse and has hurt with other activities. The X-ray shows that my shoulder is higher than it should be in the joint. That is what causes the pain.The reason? Again she is waiting for the radiologist's report with a possible MRI if needed. What do I get to do with my shoulder? I don't get to wash windows (Drat!  I know, makes me sad too). I got a shot of steroids in my shoulder and have to do some movement exercises every day until I go back in three weeks.

My feelings are mixed.  On one hand, we're starting treatment without knowing fully what is wrong. On the other, the possible need for an MRI scares me, a lot.

In other news, I picked up the new book by Bob Greene, The Life You Want. This book interested me because of it's stress on the emotional side of eating healthy and getting over the issues most overweight/obese people have with food. I'm hoping that his words help me with recognizing my issues as well as helping through them. I'm excited to read the book!

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