Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My own worst enemy

My own worst enemy is my mind. My mind which today while running was at one time saying, "You can do just one more minute!" and at another saying, "I just can't make it."

Part of me knows, I ran a 5k. I ran it slow, but I ran it. My body can do this. I'm not asking too much.

Another part doubts it. I've gained weight since then, I've not stayed on top of running, and a million other excuses.

How do I get beyond my own mind? My own hurdles? I simply do not know.

The good news is, Today I recognized what is going on in my mind. Knowing is half the battle, right?

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Ann said...

Congratulations! You are learning about "Mental Toughness", which is one of the most difficult challenges in becoming in a runner and traveling through your weight-loss journey. You're right - recognizing it is the first step, but you are going to have to figure out how to fight through it.