Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two days after...

So here I am, two days after I did an elliptical workout with my new accessory and sore knee. Yesterday I was very achy and opted not to stress my knee. Today? I wonder why do I ache more since I got this stinkin brace than I did before?

My workout Monday produced a lot of sweat and calories burned! About 500 in 30 minutes! It felt good to do something for my body. I think I am going to enjoy doing this plan. However, I've decided to take it slow until I have the all clear and stop feeling pain. After all, I gotta use the knees for many years to come. No sense in screwing them up now.

Non-workout related news, I discovered that I function better with a mid sized breakfast, large lunch and small dinner. (with small snacks between). This has helped my meal planning so that I no longer feel so ravenous around 3pm.

I was watching Heavy the other night, seeing parts of myself in the contestants. When the lady had skin surgery, I knew the feeling of wanting the same, and wondering what I'd look like if I went that route. She had lost 50 pounds before the skin surgery and showed how much extra there was. Imagine me, after 140 pounds lost. I toy with the idea of surgery, but dunno if I'd ever do it.

I'm feeling pretty good about things right now. I'm not stressing anymore, but instead taking care of my body.


Ann said...

I how your knee feels better soon!! Are you doing lots of ice and stretching?hi

♥ Trisha ♥ said...

Thanks Ann!

Yep, tons of ice and stretching. I can't take anti inflammatory medication so I have apply ice for 15 minutes every couple of hours!