Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Obersvations while in Urgent Care

I would say I hate being sick, but then I wonder who enjoys it? Other than the little boy I saw yesterday at Urgent Care who was ecstatic to have a couple of days off school. I've got a nasty sinus infection and sprained ankle!  Woo?

When you're sick do you stick to your eating plan, or do you eat what you think your body needs? I slept a lot yesterday and ate mainly toast and fruit during the day.  I did eat dinner with the family, and managed to stay awake for a few hours. I didn't count anything.  Today, I'm more hungry than normal.  Wonder if that is due to the lack of nutrition from yesterday.

I had an observation yesterday at Urgent Care about myself. I've hurt myself more in the past couple of months with "sports" injuries than when I was 100 pounds heavier trying to do this stuff. I wonder why that is?  I'm taking my vitamins every day, instead of the haphazard way I was taking them before. I wonder if I'm being more careless and just pushing myself that much harder that injury is just easier to come by.

Today, my head feels full. My ankle feels better. I returned to work.  Although, my boss has asked me at least twice if I'm certain that was the best choice. It's great being in a work environment that is OK with you being sick and recovering at home rather than infecting everyone else.

Tomorrow, I'm back on schedule with eating.  Today, I'll go for a walk while Dustin and Jonas do their run.  I think walking is best.  Gotta get some physical activity in! It helps with my mind.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Nothing worse than a head cold. Great better!

Ann said...

I hope you continue to get better and just listen to your body! :)