Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 4 Wrap Up

Week 4 Wrap Up

Eating Goals:
  • 100% Paleo: Close? I had 2 meals that were not overly paleo.
  • Fruit 1 serving per day: Saturday I had a few extra servings of fruit
  • Nuts 1oz per day: I actually didn't eat nuts very much this past week
  • Logged food: Even though I caught it up today, yes.
  • Menu: Created and Followed pretty well.
Fitness Goals:
  • BW Workouts 3x per week: Done. I started following the Primal Fitness workouts on Thursday (2nd workout of the week). I like the format, even though the reps are higher. I still have a ton of fat to lose, so as long as I gain a bit of muscle along the way I'm good.
  • Cardio (biking, walking, chasing my kid, etc) 2 hours per week: Nope. I got about an hour in. Not overly worried about this one though. The higher rep circuit BW style workouts are a cardio workout too!
Life Goals:
  • Knit Daily: I don't think I even looked at the knitting project this past week...
  • Hiking: Sadly, this one isn't going to happen. Only having Jonas 3 weekends for the summer, we had other things that had to happen.
  • Budget: It's... going. I'm hoping in the next 4 weeks (2 paychecks) to be all caught up with late payments.
  • Resume: Found the external hd with the resume.
Overall? I'm happy with my progress so far. Which is by far the best measurement of my success.


Debbie said...

Just thought that I would say hey. You deserve to feel good about your progress, you are doing great! BTW, my husband just started the paleo diet. He is still reading one book & a friend gave him another one to read. But he seems to be liking it so far. It is not for me, but I am supporting him & shopping & cooking to meet his needs. If you have any great recipe tips, let me know. Have a great week!

♥ Trisha ♥ said...

Hey Debbie!

I plan on posting more recipes on things I make. I'd check out Mark's Daily Apple, Everyday Paleo and Nom Nom Paleo though. They all have really great ideas!